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Take a refreshing “faith break”! Pause for a moment from the challenges of life and let your heart and mind take a pleasant journey—a short stroll in faith. Travel along in forty-two separate trips with the writers, who find God’s presence in the ordinary moments of their lives. One author sees the imprint of God’s hand in a game of golf, where the endless process of perfecting one’s shot is reminiscent of the never-ending struggle to rid oneself of sin. Another recalls childhood stories and the unconditional trust that children tend to place in their friends, knowing that this is the very same kind of trust they must strive to place in God. A third author describes the difficult journey of being diagnosed with terminal cancer and compares it to a cab ride with the Lord and the amazing peace that he has in his heart to trust God—whether He takes him to his earthly or heavenly home. Short Strolls in Faith offers insightful and humorous stories and commentary of applying Biblical principles into everyday life.